CUPE National President Mark Hancock opened convention on Monday morning with a rousing speech that highlighted CUPE’s commitment to progressive bargaining, organizing new workers, expanding our commitment to equality and diversity, and holding the Trudeau government to account.

“When it comes to advancing the cause of workers’ rights in our country, CUPE will always bargain forward,” said Hancock. “And when it comes to defending the hard-won rights of workers in Canada, we will not take one step back!”

Noting CUPE’s renewed focus on organizing new members, Hancock observed, “It’s no accident that we’re growing as other unions struggle to maintain their current membership. We’ve rolled up our sleeves. And we’ve done some hard, hard work to get where we are today.”

Hancock also saluted the courage and determination of locals whose members have been locked out or walked a picket line since last convention.

Hancock praised the collective strength of CUPE members. “This is the tremendous strength of CUPE, my friends! This is what we can accomplish when we are united. So let’s stand united, and together. Let’s grow our union. Let’s fix our country. And let’s change the world.”