Matt Stella | CUPE Communications

Every day the 4,300 members of CUPE 5167 provide countless vital services that make Hamilton a great place to work and live.

In September of this year, they will be celebrating 100 years of bringing quality public services to the people of Hamilton. To mark the occasion, CUPE 5167 decided to showcase local members and the work that they do.

Using drones and moving steady-cam shots, the production team got right into the action with city workers from different departments to show the work that they do.

So, when Damian from the Forestry Department is up in a tree trimming hazardous branches, the camera is right there with him. We follow Ida from Good Shepherd Women’s Services, seeing the impact that she makes in providing critical support to Hamilton’s women in need.

“Our members are extremely proud of the work they do and the contributions they have made to the City of Hamilton for the past 100 years,” said CUPE 5167 President Sandra Walker. “We are thrilled to see our work captured with such energy and emotion in the videos.”

In total, 18 municipal workers from CUPE 5167 are profiled in this video series. There is also a general video, showing the different workers of CUPE 5167 in action, along with a shorter 60‑second version of the video that played in a Hamilton movie theatre prior to Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

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