CUPE National, with the help of the National Environment Committee, has developed a new climate change discussion tool for activists and Locals. Part educational workshop, part discussion session, the new tool is called “Starting to Talk: CUPE Climate Change Conversations”. It is based on a visual PowerPoint presentation that covers topics such as how to talk about climate change, the basics of climate science, solutions and actions that union members can take.

“Starting to Talk” can be used by any CUPE member as a conversation starter for any group from two to 50 or more people who want to discuss how union and environmental issues merge. The presentation is full of new data and sharp and effective visual images that get people talking about this urgent environmental issue.

“Starting to Talk” was presented by a CUPE activist at the Prince Edward Island division convention in the Spring of 2015. It will also be presented at CUPE National Convention in Vancouver in November, 2015. If you’re interested in talking about climate change at your Local, contact for more information.