inukshuk​CUPE is committed to equality, justice, full inclusion and the right to self-government for all Aboriginal peoples. We work to increase the participation of Aboriginal peoples in our union, and to promote and defend their rights broadly.

Aboriginal peoples continue to struggle with lack of access to clean drinking water, education and health care, and cuts to support programs and Aboriginal organizations have made these problems worse. 

The growing list of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls, and the lack of justice for their families, is a major human rights crisis for Canada today.

In addition to acting on the Commission’s recommendations, the NDP has committed to:

  • set up a cabinet committee to ensure federal government decisions respect treaty rights.
  • introduce legislation that abides by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  • revitalize the environmental assessment process to protect lakes and rivers.
  • a national inquiry into the disappearances and murders of Aboriginal women and girls across Canada.

“Do you think that if 1,200 women had been murdered or had gone missing in Ottawa we’d need the United Nations to tell us to have an inquiry?” Tom Mulcair said. “It would have happened a long time ago!”