Paul MoistGiving outgoing National President Paul Moist seven standing ovations, delegates gave a very warm thank you as Moist delivered his final convention report.

Moist used his speech to strike an optimistic tone about the future of CUPE and for Canada as a whole.

Referring to the results of last month’s federal election, Moist celebrated the defeat of Stephen Harper and the end of his anti-worker policies. “Old Age Security will move back to 65 years of age from 67, and the Canada Pension Plan will be expanded” said Moist.

Moist celebrated the NDP victory in the Alberta provincial election, as well as Supreme Court victories for public sector unions. 

Within CUPE, Moist saluted CUPE members’ strength in standing up to employers. He also recognized the hard work and mobilization that underlies our collective bargaining, announcing the recently negotiated tentative agreement for Ontario’s school board sector. Moist saluted all of the locals who have been on picket lines over the last two years.

“When we unite together we are an unstoppable force for good,” he concluded.