International solidarity is the antidote to fear. It is where workers can draw strength when we experience exploitation and the impact of economies built on oppression. 

Working people are fighting back and we want to continue to support all efforts to create a better world that is just and economically and socially sustainable within the limits of the world’s resources in 2016 and beyond.

CUPE’s Global Justice work depends in part on the financial contributions of members through their locals. The Global Justice Fund is an important tool we have to engage and mobilize workers in Canada with workers around the world in our common struggles. 

As governments prioritize privatization, trade liberalization and the free movement of capital over basic human and labour rights, workers continue to join together to share strategies to defend public services and the right to decent working conditions.

Through project funding, CUPE members build relationships and are given the opportunity to link arms with workers around the world who are suffering the consequences of the same neoliberal policies we are. CUPE supports the right to have a living wage, job security, a safe workplace, and access to affordable public services and vital resources both here at home and internationally. 

If your local is interested in supporting the CUPE National Global Justice Fund and our international solidarity initiatives please visit, or contact our International Solidarity Officer Kelti Cameron at