CUPE 4475 – CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS is inviting its members and all members of the public in the Eastern Townships of Quebec to pause for 15 minutes at 10 a.m., on November 12, to pay tribute to health care, social services and education workers who have been on the front lines since the COVID-19 pandemic began eight months ago.

“Let’s send a strong message that their hard work deserves recognition and that government must invest in more staff. These workers answered the premier’s call to fight COVID-19. They deserve better working conditions and pay. The work they do is invaluable!” said CUPE union representative Éric Bergeron.

The Government of Quebec has announced that it plans to invest $14 billion in infrastructure but they mean physical infrastructure, like buildings and roads. The unions affiliated with the FTQ are asking that some of these funds be invested in social infrastructure: hiring public sector workers in health care, social services and education.

In the health and education sectors, more than 18,000 employees have come down with COVID-19, and 11 have died.

“We must pay tribute to the workers who devote themselves, often at the risk of their health, to take care of us. We simply cannot ignore their sacrifices,” added Éric Bergeron.

If you would like to attend, meet at the corner of King and Jacques Cartier Streets in Sherbrooke at 10 am on November 12. If you wish to show your support but can’t come out, we will put a photo on the social media you can access by clicking on hashtag #qcenpause.