Manitoba Legislative AssemblyThe NDP government’s first throne speech signals a new relationship between government and workers, says CUPE Manitoba. 

“The new government has committed to fixing our public services and forging a stronger relationship with workers after years of neglect under the PCs,” said Gina McKay, president of CUPE Manitoba.  “This throne speech is the first time we’ve felt hopeful in a long time.”

The throne speech recommits to many of the promises laid out by the NDP during the recent election campaign, notably investments in health care and support for health care workers.

“Between the cuts and closures in health care under the PCs and the previous government’s mismanagement of the COVID pandemic, health care workers in Manitoba have had an incredibly rough number of years,” said McKay.  “We are feeling optimistic that this government is committed to listening to frontline workers and brining in much-needed improvements like expanding home care and increasing hours of care in long-term care.”

CUPE Manitoba is hopeful that the new government will make good on its commitment to improve K-12 education and reduce class sizes.

“Workers in schools have also been struggling with understaffing and lack of support,” said McKay.  “We look forward to meeting with the new government to discuss their plans to improve education and encourage them to scrap the PC government’s dangerous plans to introduce public-private partnerships to our schools.”

Workers in Manitoba’s energy sector are also relieved that the new government will keep Manitoba Hydro public and is looking to enhance and support our crown corporations.

“Manitobans finally have a blueprint that doesn’t have cracks and holes,” said McKay.  “We look forward to working with this new government to build a better province for everyone.”