Young woman in blue scrubs standing beside bed holding a cup of orange liquid to the mouth of an elderly woman Union representation votes triggered by the Manitoba provincial government’s Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act (HSBURA) resulted in significant change for health care workers in Manitoba.
CUPE is proud that health care workers in both the Facility Support and Community Support sectors in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Southern Health – Santé Sud, and Northern Regional Health Authority chose CUPE to lead them into bargaining and represent them in the workplace.

As a result of the votes, CUPE is welcoming approximately 9,000 new health care members, becoming Manitoba’s largest health care union.
CUPE represented approximately 3,400 members in the WRHA prior to the votes. Following the updated certificate being issued, CUPE will now represent approximately 10,500 members, across all Winnipeg hospitals, personal care homes, community clinics, and home care.
CUPE represented approximately 3,000 members in Shared Health prior to the votes. Following the updated certificate being issued CUPE will now represent approximately 3,500 members.

CUPE will now represent approximately 3,000 members in Southern Health – Santé Sud, welcoming approximately 1,000 new members.
CUPE will now represent approximately 900 members in the Northern Regional Health Authority, welcoming 500 new members.
“We are proud of health care workers across Manitoba for their energy, passion, and hope for the future,” said Mark Hancock, CUPE National President. “Rest assured that Manitoba’s health care workers have the strength, resources, and experience of Canada’s largest union behind them”.
CUPE now represents over 35,000 workers in Manitoba, becoming Manitoba’s largest union.
“With the representation votes concluded, CUPE is turning our efforts to welcoming our new members to CUPE, and getting to the bargaining table for everyone,” said Gord Delbridge, President of CUPE Manitoba. “The Pallister government forced these votes on unions, but CUPE is ready to take the fight back to Pallister with the strength of Manitoba’s largest union”.
The voting period ran from August 8th to August 22nd. The results were released by Robert Pruden, the Commissioner appointed by the provincial government to implement and oversee the votes.

CUPE congratulates the Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals and Manitoba Nurses Union, and Manitoba Government and General Employees Union who will be representing former CUPE members in Prairie Mountain Health, and the Interlake Regional Health Authority, as well as in Professional Technical and Nursing categories. We wish our former members well and will miss them dearly but we look forward to working in solidarity with MAHCP, MNU, and MGEU, and helping them transition into their new unions.
CUPE is committed to working together with all participating unions, including MGEU, MNU, MAHCP, PSAC, WAPSO, OEM 987, and UFCW to fight back against health care cuts and privatization, as well as any attempts made by the government to undermine workers’ rights in Manitoba.
“With a provincial election on September 10th, there is no time to rest,” said Delbridge. “There is a tough fight ahead of us, and CUPE is ready to take that challenge head-on”.