CUPE and its members are ready to take on right-wing governments, politicians, and corporate interests to make sure workers don’t fall even farther behind, was the message from National Secretary-Treasurer Candace Rennick to CUPE BC convention delegates.

“Governments in almost every jurisdiction are moving to a new phase of austerity. The good news is our union is well positioned to take on whatever comes our way because we are witnessing a new level of militancy in our members that we have not seen in a long, long time,” said Rennick, addressing the convention by video.

“CUPE members elsewhere have been dealing with attacks on all fronts. In marked contrast, the B.C. government has taken concrete actions to address gaps in services, to raise people out of poverty and to strengthen labour rights,” said Rennick. “All good things in B.C. are not due to the NDP alone. Credit also goes to all of you. You understand that even progressive governments must be pushed. That’s what you’ve done and that’s what you continue to do.”

Rennick, elected National Secretary-Treasurer at CUPE’s 30th National Convention in November 2021, told delegates that CUPE has the resources to back up members, but that real change will come through organizing and mobilizing members.

“Financial strength is important of course, but making gains takes membership power. Winning takes organizing our membership so that they are ready and able to take on the battle. But most of all it takes courage, and it takes solidarity. And that is something we can and must be building every day.” said Rennick, and closed her remarks by rallying convention delegates with a vision for the up-coming year.

“Change is absolutely within our grasp. Let’s be bold and brave as we reach for more equity, more justice, more dignity, and more respect. Let’s do it together – not just for us, but for our children, and everyone who depends on us to pave the way for a better world,” she said.