At noon today, the four unions representing most of the employees of the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’île-de-Montréal joined forces to denounce the partial cancellation of the summer vacation that they had already been granted.

Following this announcement, the management of the institution attempted to reassure employees by declaring that they would try to grant the leave, but made no a formal commitment to this effect. This uncertainty is yet one more confirmation that the workers are still suffering the repercussions caused by a health care system weakened by cuts, centralization and poor management.

The union members decided to demonstrate in front of the offices of Sonia Bélanger, CEO of the CIUSSS, to send her a clear message.

“Today, our aim was to put an end to the inhuman treatment and demand respect for our rights,” stated Françoise Ramel, President of the FIQ-SPSS.

“All staff needs a vacation. Let’s respect them. Let’s respect their vacation choice,” echoed Samuel  Sicard, President of CUPE 4628.

“It’s vital that we respect the right to our vacation,” added Julie Houle, President of APTS-CCSMTL.

“Some managers have still not yet understood how important leave and vacations are to people who have been subject to ministerial orders compelling them to work,” denounced Alain Croteau, President of the STTCCSMTL-CSN.