The Global Justice Fund was created by CUPE National because we recognize as a union that our ability to defend public services and decent jobs in our communities depends on our ability, as a global labour movement, to defend those same services and good jobs in countries around the world. The adage think local and act global is a truism for international solidarity work. 

Our fund supports worker-to-worker solidarity and the organizing efforts of our sisters and brothers in other countries. Through our commitment to worker-to-worker solidarity we have developed important relationships and opportunities for critical exchange between trade union members and activists in Canada and around the world. 

Over the past year, CUPE has engaged in solidarity actions alongside those fighting against austerity and employer attempts to erode workers’ rights, benefits, pensions and union protection. We have supported those who struggle against corporate attempts to drive down workers’ wages and to gain control over public services both in Canada and around the world. We have rallied against the suppression of dissent and acti­vism. We steadfastly work to end inequality and the conditions that create low-paid and precarious jobs. We understand this to be critically important at home and abroad.

Our 2015-2016 International Solidarity Report provides an overview of our work with our partner organizations around the world. The report gives an overview of our work in Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, Cuba, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

International solidarity is a way of understanding the world. It helps us understand the bigger picture as we prepare for bargaining, or when we become involved in elections. We are all connected and our struggles for justice and dignity are shared with our sisters and brothers around the globe.