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The working conditions at Ideal Child Services Group are children’s learning conditions. And if Ideal gets their way, those learning conditions will be well-below what children and families deserve.

It takes time to create the type of thoughtful, play-based curriculum that allows children to learn and grow. That’s why workers are fighting for paid programming time.

Educators at Ideal earn roughly $5 an hour less than many other unionized child care workers in Toronto. These low wages mean many workers at Ideal have second jobs, leaving an exhausting day caring for children to work a night shift. That’s why workers are fighting for better wages.

Child care is physically demanding work. Illness and injury are common. And no one should be forced to chose between their health and their paycheck. But without enough sick days and with no WSIB coverage, that’s exactly what’s happening to Ideal workers. That’s why workers are fighting for more sick days and WSIB.

These workers deserve better. That’s the only way to ensure the children in their care truly receive an ideal education.

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