CUPE is calling on the Legault government to review its approach to managing the health and social services system two months into the COVID-19 crisis. CUPE points out that management using ministerial orders and the authoritarian style of numerous managers are counterproductive. Its members, who are dispensing care and services under already extreme conditions, deplore the arbitrary and inconsistent decisions imposed on them, which demoralize and exhaust them even further.

Discouragement and anger have reached a critical stage among the orderlies and our members in all other jobs in the system. They are on the front lines to save the lives of patients to whom they are attached. In return, they need some rest, support, and a listening ear of their bosses, which is lacking in too many locations. We hear increasing reports of mass resignations that are being organized and spontaneous work stoppages under consideration. Quebec cannot allow this situation to fester,” explained Marc Ranger, director of CUPE Quebec.

“These workers, who are at or nearing their wits’ end, are having their vacation or days off cancelled at the last minute and  their schedules changed without notice or are being rushed back into work, more often than not, without valid reasons. We understand that managers want to avoid interruptions in service, but the solution is rooted in common sense, flexible management and healthy constructive labour relations with the unions,” added Benoit Bouchard, president of CUPE Quebec.

“We are issuing an appeal to the Legault government to get the working environment back to being “livable” or attractive before the situation spirals out of control. The time has come to stop managing the system with orders and rein in managers who use their authority indiscriminately. CUPE is committed to effective labour relations that will raise the morale of the troops. It’s essential that Quebec regain control of its system and win the fight against COVID-19,” said Marc Ranger.