Since Monday at 3 pm, important talks have been under way between the STM and the union representing bus drivers, metro operators and employees performing related services at the STM to reorganize the drivers’ work during this unprecedented health crisis.

“The parties held talks extending late into last night before agreeing on a protocol to maintain the salaries and jobs of the 4500 members we represent. Prompt action and leadership were crucial to this very sensitive situation,” explained Renato Carlone, President of the Syndicat des chauffeurs (CUPE 1983).

In short, the work reorganization protected the salary and job status of the members. In return, the employer will be permitted to make adjustments to employee assignments as a temporary measure during this crisis.

The aim of the Syndicat des chauffeurs de la STM was to proceed strategically to avoid ministerial decrees. Several public sectors have already been subjected to these decrees, which significantly change and are detrimental to the working conditions of numerous workers.

Occupational health and safety

The occupational health and safety of members remain the union’s priority according to Carlone. He also added that “the union is in continuous contact with the STM to resolve all of the problems that arise in our workplaces. We always keep our eyes peeled for best practices and will do everything it takes to safeguard the health of our members.”