A victory with global implications

In January 2015, a political party called Syriza, who ran on an anti-austerity agenda won the general elections in Greece. This was a significant victory for the people of Greece because they have been organizing and mobilizing against cuts in social benefits and employment, privatization and growing inequality following the 2008 global financial crisis. The European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank, popularly referred to as the Troika, forced austerity conditions and policies on financial loans to the country which resulted in millions of unemployed, thousands of small businesses closed, rising levels of poverty and about 500,000 families surviving without any income at all. This Syriza victory is a victory with global implications in the fight against austerity measures.

Advancing trade union rights in the struggle for quality public services

CUPE sent a delegation, led by National Secretary-Treasurer Charles Fleury, to the 11th Inter-American Regional Conference of PSI (IAMRECON) in Mexico City from April 20 to 24, 2015. Held under the banner “Advancing trade union rights in the struggle for quality public services!” the conference was an opportunity to connect and exchange with PSI affiliated unions on issues such as international trade and investment, privatization, pensions, climate change and tax justice. The conference followed a two-day meeting of the energy, education, health and municipal sectors.

Stop Bill C-51

In January 2015, the government of Canada tabled Bill C-51 the Anti-Terrorism Act. CUPE is voicing strong opposition to this bill because it threatens the civil liberties and democratic freedoms of all people living in Canada. We are deeply concerned about the intentions and impact of the changes proposed to the Criminal Code, law enforcement, rights of due process, rights of free speech, privacy protections and the expansion of the government’s intelligence gathering powers, all of which are encompassed in this legislation. Bill C-51 is a profound threat to all our freedoms, particularly to people from marginalized communities and/or those who oppose the federal Conservative government such as trade union activists and our allies in civil society. For more information, go to: cupe.ca/stop-c-51.