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When two agencies joined to create Child and Family Services of Grand Erie, it was billed as a cost-savings measure. Yet the number of managers has increased – and so to have their salaries. Meanwhile the employer is trying to wring concessions from workers.

These jobs are difficult. They are emotionally taxing. They take a toll on workers. Yet the employer is trying to strip time off and benefits that workers depend on to recharge and protect their own well-being.

This fight is not about raises and benefits – workers are fighting just to maintain.

The agency and communities can’t afford these cuts. Workers were already falling behind. Workers were already leaving the sector. These cuts will push more dedicated workers from the agency which will hurt children and families.

Children and families depend on these workers. We need to support them.

Send a message to the Board of Directors at CFS GE. Tell them they need to protect workers health and well-being and ensure families get the quality of care they deserve.

Tell them that you are watching and that you demand better.

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