Four pre-school aged children laughing with a woman in glassesThe newly announced federal early learning and child care framework will not address the child care crisis faced by parents and children across the country. The framework, which was signed by provinces and territories today, does little to create affordable and accessible services.

“The Liberals’ framework fails to create the building blocks for services all families can afford and access,” said CUPE National President Mark Hancock. “While funding will be used to target families more in need, the reality is that affordability and access to quality child care are serious problems for all parents. It’s important that we build a public and not‑for‑profit system everyone can access—like public schools or health care. This way no infant or child will get left behind.”

“All the evidence shows that quality child care is central to supporting the developmental needs of infants and children, women’s equality and the work‑life balance of parents,” said CUPE National Secretary‑Treasurer Charles Fleury. “Research on the Quebec child care system shows that child care pays for itself through increased tax revenue by allowing a growing number of women to pursue paid work.”

In their election platform, the Liberals had committed to create a Framework that would ensure “affordable, high-quality, fully inclusive child care is available to all families who need it.” The newly announced framework veers far from this election commitment.

CUPE members have told their stories and taken action through the Rethink Child Care campaign and Vote Child Care 2020 to say child care can’t wait. It’s time for the Liberal government to create a public and non-profit child care system for all families.