Do you know a CUPE activist who has shown leadership in the pursuit of racial equality, ending racism, promoting diversity and advancing racial justice for all Black and racialized workers? 

Nominations are now open for the Biennial Ed Blackman Award.

The late Brother Ed Blackman was a Black worker and a committed trade unionist on the local and national scenes. He was a founding member of CUPE’s National Rainbow Committee and a prominent local and national leader of our union. He served for many years as President of CUPE Local 500, Winnipeg Civic Employees, and as a General Vice-President on CUPE’s National Executive Board. 

Ed Blackman was a committed activist in the community and had a passionate commitment to social unionism and building a strong and diverse labour movement founded on racial justice. 

The Ed Blackman Award is presented to a CUPE member who strengthens the labour movement by:

  • Demonstrating commitment to activism on racial justice;
  • Providing leadership and acting as a role model for activism;
  • Dismantling barriers to greater participation for Black and racialized workers in our union;
  • Promoting racial justice in the workplace and the community;
  • Promoting and defending the rights of Black and racialized people in our communities to build a stronger social movement.

CUPE locals, divisions, and anti-racism or human rights committees can nominate a CUPE member for this award.

Three persons, including one of the co-chairs of the National Rainbow Committee, make up the selection committee and are appointed by the CUPE National Officers.

The award winner receives a commemorative plaque and CUPE will make a $1,000 donation to the social justice organization of their choice.

Nominations should be submitted no later than July 25, 2023.

Nominating Body


How has this nominee’s lived experience of racial inequality, and activism in overcoming barriers to racial equality, inspired or influenced others in the union, workplace, and/or community?