The Constitution Committee presented its first set of resolutions to CUPE National Convention on Monday afternoon. 

In this session delegates adopted a new voluntary mediation system to allow an alternative to CUPE’s formal trial process. If accuser and accused in a dispute agree to the new process, it can avoid an often costly and divisive trial.

“As we work through a tough era of austerity there will be more conflict and it’s important to have a balanced approach to make sure we maintain solidarity to resolve disputes together and not let employers divide us and win,” said Tim Maguire, president of CUPE 79.

Members also voted to move the Code of Conduct into the Constitution. The code was approved by the National Executive Board in 2010, following a recommendation in the National Women’s Task Force report from 2007.

“This means making our union safe and inclusive to everyone,” said Sheryl Burns, vice-president of CUPE 1936 in Vancouver.


  • 37 - Carried, as amended
  • C35 – Carried as amended
  • C25 – Carried
  • C23 - Carried