Cannabis plant in closeup in a field of green with the logo of SCFPCUPE is decrying the poor management and terrible planning done by the SQDC, Quebec’s cannabis distributer, in the launch of its 12 outlets. The union has reassured its new members that it will do everything in its power to assert the rights of the new employees.

“We’re talking about real people here, who are trying to earn their living. Some left good jobs to come and work at the SQDC and now they’re being asked to take a cut in hours. It’s a complete mess!” said economist and CUPE representative Pierre-Guy Sylvestre.

The SQDC only opened its first outlets October 17, the day cannabis was legalized, but already the provincial Crown corporation is talking about closing some.

“The SQDC is just making it up as they go along. These workers are in a very precarious and difficult situation, and we’re there for them,” added Sylvestre.

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