CUPE grieves the loss of life brought by the recent escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine.  We are horrified by the Hamas attack on Israel and the retribution by the State of Israel on the people of Palestine, and condemn all acts of violence against innocent civilians. We recognize that many Canadians are terrified for their loved ones and we offer heartfelt condolences to all affected families and communities.

Canada has longstanding positions against the targeting of civilians and religious sites, and against illegal settlements. We urge the Government of Canada to call for a ceasefire, for the enforcement of international law, and to work toward a peaceful resolution that upholds the rights to life and freedom of Palestinians and Israelis.

CUPE has long recognized the need for the Israeli government to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories and abide by UN resolutions and international law. The full siege that has now been declared on Gaza by Israel will worsen conditions for residents who are already struggling and deny the population of food, water, electricity, and other necessities for life. It will not hasten a peaceful resolve.

CUPE stands in solidarity with all who struggle for genuine peace and justice in the region, and we call on the Canadian government to do the same.