With news of provincial plans for a value-for-money audit of CancerCare Manitoba, CUPE is backing CancerCare services, and the 300 CUPE Local 5362 members working to support Manitobans suffering from cancer.

“The request for proposals to review CancerCare is not about improving health care for Manitoba families, it’s about justifying health care cuts,” said Shannon McAteer, CUPE Health Care Coordinator. “Manitoba families in treatment deserve a government that will put their needs first.”

The planned review comes after the Manitoba government passed special legislation to eliminate CancerCare as a stand-alone employer for the purposes of health care representation votes.

“This is a government that has created turmoil with health care cuts, representation votes, and now this,” said Margaret Schroeder, President of CUPE Local 5362. “CancerCare employees have already been doing more with less since the health care cuts began.”