CUPE 4070 is praising the announcement of rapid COVID testing at the Calgary airport. The union says the announcement is an important step to guide the industry through the pandemic without crashing. 

Chris Rauenbusch is President of CUPE 4070. He represents over 4,000 cabin crew members at the WestJet group of companies. 

“The rapid testing announcement shows government, business and unions can work together.” said Rauenbusch. “We are happy to work with anyone to change the flight plan for Canadian aviation.” 

“The announcement positions Calgary and WestJet as the leaders in the aviation sector,” said Rauenbusch. “But this is one step. Our sector requires a robust and competitive industry right across the country.” 

Rauenbusch said opening international traffic links without the full fourteen-day quarantine will help rebuild domestic business. He noted that domestic traffic destinations are fed by international connections. 

Rauenbusch said CUPE is asking other jurisdictions to follow Calgary’s lead.

 “This issue is not a Calgary or a WestJet issue, it is a Canadian issue,” said Rauenbusch. “The future of Canadian aviation depends on us getting it right.” 

“Ottawa must work with other Canadian airports to build rapid testing capacity. The success of our industry depends upon it.”