CUPE flagCUPE Saskatchewan’s Municipal Employees’ Steering Committee (MESC) is launching a province-wide digital media campaign to remind people of the important work CUPE municipal employees do in cities, towns, and villages across Saskatchewan.

“We launched this campaign to shine a light on the vital, and sometimes invisible work CUPE members do to keep our communities running,” said Judy Henley, president of CUPE Saskatchewan. “From clearing snow to responding to emergencies, CUPE’s municipal workers go above and beyond to care for their communities.”

CUPE Saskatchewan’s MESC launched their latest digital video in the lead up to Christmas, a time when many municipal employees continue to provide vital services to keep households and families safe over the holidays.

“On behalf of the 5,000 CUPE members in over 30 municipal locals across the province, we’re wishing Saskatchewan people a safe and happy holiday season,” said Dylan Breland, Chairperson of the Municipal Employees’ Steering Committee.

Watch MESC’s Christmas video here.