Travailleurs agricoles

At the 33rd CUPE Quebec Convention taking place in Quebec City this week, delegates passed a resolution pledging to defend the rights of temporary foreign workers.

“Given the difficulties that employees with this status have in gaining respect for their fundamental rights, we have pledged to do this for them. We will be speaking to politicians and beginning an information campaign to make as many people as possible aware of what they go through,” explained Frederic Bisson, Secretary General of CUPE Quebec.

The vulnerability and the little protection afforded these employees were the genesis of this resolution along with the fact they have no public voice.

“We want to help by speaking on their behalf until the voices of these people are heard.  Injustices experienced by any employee in Quebec must be called out and the person defended. We hope that other union organizations  will follow suit,” said Bisson.

To set the stage for this particular topic, the Convention heard Sonia Djelidi,  creator of the Essentials documentary (https:/, which has cast light on the injustices these workers face.  Moreover, the ensuring discussions on racism and immigration were forceful.