Delegates at the special convention of CUPE Quebec have elected two new leaders, with Benoit Bouchard becoming President of CUPE Quebec and Patrick Gloutney the Secretary-General.

Benoit Bouchard had held the position of Secretary-General since 2016 and had become the interim president of CUPEQuebec after the last FTQ convention due to the departure of Denis Bolduc. The latter is now the Secretary-General of the FTQ. Meanwhile, Patrick Gloutney had been the president of the Conseil provincial du secteur municipal since 2012.  

“CUPE is a growing union, but we have to remain relevant in order to continue growing. I am committed to defending our jobs, our working conditions, and our public services. I want to promote our union values since they help create a fairer and more equitable society,” declared Benoit Bouchard to the convention goers in attendance.

“People know how committed I was to my original sector. I want to continue this level of commitment to our organization. As I see it, a leader is first to enter the battlefield and the last to leave. That’s what I practice as a union activist,” added Patrick Gloutney.