CUPE is committed to creating a union that is inclusive, welcoming and free from harassment, discrimination and all types of bullying and intimidation.

The Equality Statement and the Code of Conduct set out standards of behaviour for participants at national conventions, national conferences, schools and meetings organized by CUPE National.

CUPE ombudspeople are on site at every national event to try to resolve complaints about behaviour that is not consistent with the Equality Statement or the Code of Conduct.

CUPE ombudspeople are staff and members who represent the diversity of our membership.  They receive training in the Ombudsperson process, listening skills, conflict resolution, dealing with difficult behaviour, and maintaining confidentiality and neutrality.

What CUPE looks for in an ombudsperson

  • A strong commitment to union values of solidarity, equality, democracy, integrity, respect and social justice
  • A thorough understanding of equality issues, power dynamics in groups, and the impact of harassment
  • Understanding of, and ability to follow, the processes and procedures for the Ombudsperson Program
  • Able to maintain neutrality and confidentiality when handling a complaint
  • Able to recognize and suggest realistic solutions for the specific event
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Able to deal with stressful situations and difficult behaviour
  • Open, assertive, organized, forthright, courageous and calm
  • Respected among peers

How to apply

If you feel you have the qualities listed above and would like to apply to be a CUPE ombudsperson, fill out the application form below.

Training sessions are scheduled when needed. At that time, Union Education, in consultation with the Regional Director, reviews the applications and sets up interviews of qualified applicants. Successful applicants attend a three-day training session. Final selection of ombudspeople takes place after the training session.   

For more information

Contact CUPE Education at or by phone at 613-237-1590.

Ombudsperson program application form

Please help our continuing efforts to fulfill our mandate of making our union more representative and more supportive of equality-seeking members. This section is optional.

All information supplied will be kept confidential.


Please include the name and contact information for a CUPE member or staff person who is prepared to recommend you for the role.