Mark HancockIn his keynote address to delegates this morning, CUPE National President Mark Hancock announced that CUPE is now more than 700,000 members strong.

“Workers know they can trust CUPE to amplify their voice on the job, to stand with them, and to fight for them,” said Hancock, citing a strong national focus on organizing non-unionized workers as a key driver of CUPE’s growth.

“As our governments attack our rights and employers attack our wages and our job security, workers need their union more than ever,” he said.

Hancock saluted the courage and determination of members who had been locked out or forced onto the picket line over the past two years. He also focused on CUPE’s diversity as a union, and the work being done to reflect that diversity within CUPE’s leadership.

Drawing a contrast between Liberal and Conservative policies that favour the wealthy and well-connected, and NDP policies that focus on working people, Hancock encouraged CUPE members to support their local NDP candidates.

“When the NDP makes promises, unlike Justin Trudeau, they actually keep them,” said Hancock. “The Canada we want is on the ballot with Jagmeet and the NDP.”