Do you know a CUPE member or group of members who champion workplace literacy and clear language? Get your nomination in by July 25, 2023.

CUPE’s National Literacy and Essential Skills Committee is looking for a literacy activist. This is a member or group of members who have promoted workplace literacy or clear language. Literacy champions do different things. The award winner will receive a trophy and CUPE will make a donation to a social justice organization on their behalf.

A literacy activist might:

  • encourage other CUPE members to learn
  • model lifelong learning by following their own learning goals
  • raise awareness on literacy or clear language within the union and workplace
  • help build the union through literacy or clear language

There are many ways to be a literacy activist. The member(s) may have participated in a literacy program or helped start one in their local. Or they may have promoted worker education in some other way.

What do we mean by literacy?

Literacy is all the skills needed to understand and use written texts or basic calculation to be able to cope with every day life situations. Literacy is also a suite of activities aimed at learning to read, write and calculate. Literacy empowers us to:

  • assert our rights and build our union
  • act as full citizens and change society
  • question, evaluate, and envision
  • develop our knowledge and potential at work, at home, and in our community

What is clear language?

  • language that readers can understand
  • design that makes documents easy to read and easy to use

For more information on the CUPE Literacy Program, go to

Literacy activists will be CUPE members in good standing. CUPE staff and members of CUPE’s National Literacy and Essential Skills Committee are not eligible.

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