As NDP surges in the polls CUPE National and Ontario Presidents come to North Bay to support Henri Giroux’s campaign

With less that two weeks to election day and the NDP surging to first place in the polls, the presidents of CUPE Ontario and CUPE National are coming to North Bay, Saturday, to help push the Henri Giroux campaign over the top.

“Henri Giroux is a man who has dedicated his life to fighting for the needs of the people of Nipissing. He led the campaign to save Casselholme for aging seniors and has worked tirelessly to keep good jobs in the community,” says CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn. “On the other hand, Doug Ford has promised to cut at least $6 billion out of our public services every year, that will guarantee local service cuts and job losses. None of us can afford a Doug Ford government and the way to stop it is to vote for Henri Giroux.”

“Working people and their families are tired of paying for Liberal and Conservative mistakes through rising costs and cuts to our public services,” says CUPE National President Mark Hancock. “This election is our chance to defend our public services, make life better for working people, and create a better province for everyone. With Henri Giroux and the NDP, we’re going to get the job done.”

Both presidents will join Giroux for a press conference at 10 am on Saturday morning at his campaign office, at 1007 Cassells St. Then they will hit the streets to knock on doors with the “paint the town orange” canvass team.

WHO:              CUPE National President Mark Hancock, CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn, NDP candidate Henri Giroux and the Paint the Town Orange canvass team

WHAT:             Press conference on the damage Doug Ford’s promises could cause North Bay and Nipissing

WHEN:             Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 10 am

WHERE:           The Henri Giroux campaign office at 1007 Cassells St.