On November 8, 2016, members of CUPE Newfoundland Labrador will be in attendance at the final Roundtable Public Library Consultation in St. John’s, reaffirming their position that the Ball Government should reverse the decision to close 54 public libraries and should restore funding to at least to 2011 levels.

As explained in CUPE’s submission to the review, failure to protect these public libraries will result in an immense loss of measurable economic value for the province, and a squandered opportunity to shore up and add to the public good.

“The lack of genuine ‘evidence-based decision making’ by the Liberal Government throughout this process has been alarming to say the least,” says CUPE NL President Wayne Lucas. “Research from around the world shows that public libraries produce much more value for our communities than the funding put into them.”

We’ll keep saying it until they hear us,” says CUPE 2329 President Dawn Lahey, representing library workers across the province. “Our libraries are important spaces that offer a place for people to gain Internet access, hold public meetings, attend educational programs and workshops, use reference materials, and so much more – without needing to travel outside their community.”

“These proposed closures will have direct negative impact on communities.”

The roundtable to be held on November 8 is the final session, open to the public, as part of the Liberal government’s review of provincial public libraries. CUPE Newfoundland Labrador members will continue to “hold the line” and campaign against the closures.