Members of CUPE 606 in British Columbia have won the 2016 CUPE National Earth Day contest for their ongoing involvement with Bike to Work events in their community.  CUPE 606 represents schoolboard workers in District 68 in Nanaimo and Ladysmith, BC.

One man and two women stand with their bikes on a sunny day

CUPE 606 members have joined with community members for at least ten years promoting greener work commuting habits. On two separate occasions, the members won the community prize awarded to individuals who commute by bicycle. CUPE 606 has also been a leader creating workplace cycling teams, joining with teachers and office support staff to encourage all workers in Nanaimo and Ladysmith schools to cut greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality by bicycling to work.

CUPE 2348 members from Winnipeg are the first runners-up for the 2016 Earth Day contest. Local 2348 members work at the Klinic Community Health Centre in downtown Winnipeg.

Old broken computer parts in the bed of a truck

CUPE 2348 members have advocated for many green steps in their workplace through their Workplace Wellness Initiative Committee, a joint committee comprised of workers and management. The committee has put in place a workplace battery recycling program, a composting program, helped get energy efficient lighting in place in the health centre, and reduced the use of disposable plastics at work. On Earth Day 2016, Klinic workers operated an e-waste recycling event for the community.

CUPE 4953 members, representing health care workers in Victoriaville, Quebec, are also runners-up this year. Local 4953 members have helped put in place several environmental programs where they work, such as a carpooling initiative and a workplace recycling program.

Each year the CUPE National Environment Committee holds its Earth Day contest to promote the good green actions CUPE members take where they work and live. In 2013, CUPE adopted a National environment policy that calls on our union to do all it can to reduce carbon emissions, fight for clean air, water and soil, and many other green steps.

National staff can help CUPE locals interested in starting and/or expanding workplace environmental programs. Contact for more information.