This week the CUPE Saskatchewan Health Care Council launched an ad promoting the important role of frontline health care workers and the impact that more cuts and privatization will have on the quality of patient care across the province.

“As frontline care providers, we are worried about what the March 22 provincial budget will have in store for health care,” said Gordon Campbell, president of the CUPE Saskatchewan Health Care Council. “We know that frontline staff are already working overtime, with a shortage of staff, and struggling to do more with less. We have already seen layoffs, and now the government is suggesting laying off up to 4,900 health care workers.”

CUPE is also concerned about the impact the creation of one province-wide health care provincial authority will have on workers, patients, and quality of care.

“Public health care is one of our most valued public services. Our government needs to step up to the plate to ensure that every resident of Saskatchewan has access to quality care,” added Campbell.

The ad is running on TV stations and websites throughout the province.