Education workers at Lakehead District School Board are showing their care and concern for students by purchasing 1,500 fabric masks for use by students in schools.

“We know our schools and we know our students,” said Rod McGee, president of CUPE 2486. “We want to make sure that all students are safe and have masks available, so that everyone can stay healthy in school.”

Working with school administrators, principals and teachers, McGee and his colleagues will coordinate distribution of the masks across 26 elementary and secondary schools in and around Thunder Bay. In recognition of the union that represents education workers at Lakehead DSB, the masks are printed with “CUPE 2486: Keeping Kids Safe.”

At Lakehead DSB, CUPE represents custodians, maintenance workers, drivers, warehouse workers, couriers and cafeteria workers. Staff are required to wear disposable medical masks at work, but students may wear reusable fabric masks in school.

“Education workers across the province, including those of us working in Lakehead schools, are determined to make schools as safe as possible for students, colleagues, and families,” said Tammy Graham, secretary-treasurer for CUPE 2486. “That’s why it seemed like such a natural idea to help make sure we are all working with the same tools toward the same goals.

“We hope that students in Lakehead schools will wear their CUPE 2486 masks with pride,” added McGee.