The unions representing inside and outside municipal workers at the City of Prince Albert were notified that over 20 CUPE positions across the organization will be eliminated.

During recent budget deliberations, the city assured the public that their primary goal was to minimize tax impacts on residents without compromising existing services,” said Cara Stelmaschuk, recording secretary of CUPE 882. “No one saw these layoffs coming, and it flies in the face of what both workers and the public were told during budget deliberations.”

All city workers have been offered a buy-out to incentivize early retirement. The union is worried that staffing reductions will have a negative impact on municipal services.

“Our members are dedicated public servants, and we believe in the importance of maintaining vital services for the well-being of the community,” said Leslie Mourot Bartley, president of CUPE 160. “Our members are already being stretched thin trying to operate on bare bones. It is clear that these cuts will come at the impact of quality of service.”

CUPE 882 represents the City of Prince Albert inside workers, including administration, information technology, bylaw enforcement, building inspections, recreation, and arts employees among other classifications.

CUPE 160 represents workers at the water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant, sanitation department, parks and recreation, roadways, rink operation staff, janitors at all city facilities, fleet mechanics, airport maintenance workers, and cemetery staff.