The Future is PublicCharles Brenchley CUPE Communications

In early December, progressive voices from across the world, including researchers, labour leaders and grassroots activists, came together in Amsterdam to talk about strategies to bring public services back in house.

The Future is Public conference continued the important work CUPE does with our Canadian and international allies to end privatization and demand strong, well-funded public services. The conference was attended by over 350 diverse voices from all around the world.

The conference high­lighted the fact that we are living in a crucial moment that demands decisive action, and CUPE brought the Canadian perspective to the conference. This was an important opportunity for CUPE to showcase the work we are doing on the priva­tization file, as well as a chance to learn about ways in which we can strengthen the work we do and build international networks of solidarity.

CUPE leads discussion on pensions

CUPE led the discussion around public sector pensions and the role they play in the privatization of public infrastructure around the world. The discussion, facilitated by Daria Cibrario, from our partner organization Public Services International, focused on the fact that we must find ways to hold our workers’ pensions funds accountable for their investment decisions, and ensure they are not contributing to a system of privatization.

To see the full recording of the panel, check out CUPE’s Facebook page.