Photo de Lazhar Zouaïmia membre du SCFPLazhar Zouaïmia, a member of the Syndicat des technologues d’Hydro-Québec (CUPE 957) and a long-time activist with Amnesty International’s French-Canadian Section, was arrested in Algeria on February 19, 2022 just as he was about to fly back to Canada after a stay with his family. He is a Canadian citizen with dual citizenship.

His union, which publicly-denounced his arrest this week, has joined forces with Amnesty International. Amnesty has launched a campaign urging people to send messages of solidarity to their colleague who is valued and he’s an ordinary citizen.

“People who are affected by Lazhar’s arrest must write to let him know he’s not alone. He is an engaged Quebec citizen and an exemplary Hydro-Québec employee. There is every indication that his support for democracy in his country of origin is the real reason for his arrest,” explained Francis Rondeau, union president for the Montreal region.

While in Montreal, Zouaïmia regularly denounced the abuses of power in his country of origin, both in person and on social media. CUPE 957 adds its voice to those denouncing these arrests and human rights abuses.

“We support our colleague, his wife and family in their quest for justice,” said Rondeau.

You can send a message in English or French, through Amnesty International.