The City of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is holding an emergency meeting to discuss increasing the wages for out-of-scope supervisors.

“The city’s rationale for the emergency meeting is concerning. They say that they need to implement wage increases immediately because out-of-scope wages have fallen behind. But what do they say to their own employees who are barely making minimum wage?” said Allan McKeand, a city employee and a spokesperson for CUPE 882. “If city council can call an emergency meeting to give out of scope supervisors a raise, we hope that the city will show the same willingness to get back to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair deal with its unionized workers.”

The city also spoke about the labour uncertainty stemming from a potential full withdrawal of services by CUPE 882.

“We want to remind the city that they are the ones who walked away from conciliation. They have refused to consider our counter offer and are now making it seem like a prolonged strike is inevitable,” added McKeand. “Our members love their jobs. We have no desire to walk off the job, but we also deserve a livable wage.”

On Wednesday, August 23, CUPE 882 will escalate their work to rule. Beginning at 8:00 a.m., members of CUPE 882 will be refusing to follow all uniform/attire policies, standards, conventions, and rules in all city facilities. In addition, members will continue to refuse to train management, contractors, co-workers, or anyone else in any aspect of their job or any other job, operation, or skill.

Members of CUPE 882 will be in attendance at today’s emergency council meeting and will be available for comment.