CUPE 7000, representing 750 SkyTrain employees in operations, maintenance and administration, today released a new video highlighting the work its members do in serving up to 250,000 Lower Mainland commuters a day.

“Making SkyTrain Work” features two SkyTrain Attendants and three Control Operators talking about their jobs, some of the challenges they face and possible solutions to those challenges, including recommendations to their employer.

Last week, CUPE 7000 members ratified a three-year collective agreement with British Columbia Rapid Transit Company.

“This video is aimed at putting a public face to the people who keep the SkyTrain system running while giving voice to our members about the work they do and the challenges they face on a daily basis,” said CUPE 7000 President Bill Magri, a Control Operator who appears in the video.

“Most SkyTrain passengers are unaware of the nature of our work, some of the systemic problems we face due to things like staff shortages and an aging infrastructure, and how these issues affect the commuting public. So, we’re also putting this out as a way of contributing to the discussion on SkyTrain’s future.”

Making SkyTrain Work from working TV on Vimeo.