The courageous actions of two powerline technicians were recently recognized by their union. The two heroes saved three members of a family from their burning home earlier this month in Hudson, west of Montréal.

While patrolling the area to assess the risk to power lines during stormy weather, they suddenly saw flames and heard cries for help. In the ensuing moments, they made some wise decisions that enabled them to snatch the three victims from the inferno.

“CUPE 1500 is proud to acknowledge the bravery of its two members,” stated CUPE 1500 president Richard Perrault. “Had it not been for their actions, a mother and her two young daughters would have been burnt alive. I thank them on behalf of our 6,000 members.”

Surprisingly, after saving these three lives, the two men simply went back to work, leading Philippe Daneau, Richelieu regional president of CUPE 1500, to add, “Our linemen are a generous group of people. The purpose of our work is to help people, and these men’s act of heroism is the ultimate example of this dedication.”

Our two heroes, Mario Ménard and Guy Desgagné, meanwhile, have remained philosophical about the incident. Although they speak emotionally about it, all that matters to them is that the story had a happy ending. If they had passed through the area just a few minutes earlier or later, the outcome would likely have been very different.