At a virtual meeting during their 20th Convention, representatives of CUPE’s Conseil provincial du secteur des communications (CPSC) launched the website to denounce the government’s shortcomings in protecting personal information and retaining jobs in the telecommunications and digital sector in Canada.

Last year, a CROP survey conducted for CUPE Quebec revealed that four Quebeckers in five are worried about the protection of their personal data.

Recall that large telecommunications companies to which we regularly entrust our personal information turn to subcontractors abroad. Even though Canadian laws are not perfect, they are more effective in protecting personal information than the legislation in some of the countries where the call centres of telecommunications companies are located.

“Sending jobs and transferring personal data abroad are a scourge that is of concern to us. Moreover, these jobs end up in countries where small salaries are paid. This practice eliminates quality jobs and weakens the job market in Quebec and the rest of Canada,” claimed CPSC president, Tulsa Valin-Landry.

Through its site, the CPSC is inviting the public to join it in urging the federal government to implement measures that would prohibit the transfer of jobs and personal information abroad.