The Conseil provincial du secteur des communications (CPSC) of CUPE wishes to draw attention to the courage and determination of employees, who whimsical veto stood up and spoke out against the toxic work atmosphere at TVA Nouvelles.

The departure of Serge Fortin, the boss of TVA Nouvelles and TVA Sports since 2004 and 2013 respectively, is the end result of steps that are difficult to take for persons who are psychologically affected by the behaviour of their superiors. Yesterday, an article in La Presse+ unveiled the testimonials of many employees and former employees who described the unhealthy climate that reigned in the newsroom.

“It is the heartfelt wish of CPSC that this kind of management is a thing of the past at TVA and elsewhere. We hope that the company will take every step necessary to ensure that no employee has to endure that kind of a work atmosphere in the future,” declared Tulsa Valin-Landry, the acting president of CPSC.

According to the Syndicat des employé(e)s de TVA, CUPE 687, a member of CPSC, the listening ability and convictions of the TVA president were key factors that precipitated Mr. Fortin’s departure, since several attempts by the union to improve the work atmosphere at TVA Nouvelles have failed over the years.