The Syndicat des employés de Vidéotron ltée (SEVL) has taken note of the employer’s decision to request conciliation as part of the negotiations to renew the collective agreement. The law does allow for this process, but the SEVL regrets that the employer has decided not to pursue numerous potential solutions brought forward by the union.  

“We have listened to the problems the employer has raised at the bargaining table and have proposed some good solutions. However, the employer is demanding major concessions and seems to have turned a deaf ear to our suggestions, which address most of its objectives,” said Nick Mingione, president of the SEVL.

We have just completed a blitz of about ten days of intensive negotiations, which have delineated the disputes separating the parties. We are essentially demanding that we be able to perform the duties that are ours here in Quebec and to obtain a slight improvement in the purchasing power of the members we represent,” added CUPE union representative and spokesman Martin Larose.

The union that is made up of about 3000 Videotron employees has been without a contract since December 31, 2018. Negotiations can be complex due to the numerous technological changes that have taken place in the communications sector. However, Videotron has fared well, as all economic sectors must be connected to be productive. The pandemic has shown this more than ever with the explosion of teleworking.

We are proud of our company. Our contribution has always been geared towards having Videotron remain an extremely profitable company, and we want to come up with a solution that will ensure its sustainability. We are open to change but not to being left out of decisions that are made,” said Nick Mingione.