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The members of CUPE 5088 are proud of the work they do, empowering and supporting people with developmental disabilities. But management has created such a toxic work environment that workers are chased from jobs they love.

The agency has hired, and lost, 300 people in the last two years. They are churning through workers as people leave for jobs that offer better – or in many cases worse – pay, better hours, less stress, and a better employer. The result is that the workers who have stayed are often forced to take care of 3 or 4 people, some of whom have high behavioral needs, on their own. This isn’t safe for workers and it’s not fair to the adults in their care who are missing out on activities because there aren’t enough staff.

These workers deserve a fair deal. They deserve wages that allow them to support their families, shifts that are adequately staffed, and an employer that respects their safety. And the adults they care for deserve the highest quality care.

Write to Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley and call on them to invest in their workers. Tell them that you are watching – and that you demand better.

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