The world needs to move forward to solve the climate crisis and create a clean and green future. But American President Donald Trump – by rejecting the Paris Climate Accord – is trying to take a giant step backward into a regressive past dominated by dirty fossil fuels. Trump is also turning his back on the spirit of international co-operation and consensus, while further isolating the US with his entrenched policies and actions.

The agreement reached in Paris in December 2015 signalled that an industrial transformation is underway that would include a Just Transition lens to ensure workers and their communities are dealt with fairly while greenhouse gases that cause climate change are cut to slow global warming. CUPE supported the essence of the agreement. CUPE continues to be optimistic that millions of good green jobs can be created in Canada and around the world. 

“Donald Trump wants to drag the US economy back to the dark days of coal. He wants to stop the momentum of the expanding the low-carbon economy that is good for workers and their families. CUPE and our allies internationally will resist this backward step and press forward to help create a sustainable, equitable and fair society,” said CUPE National President Mark Hancock.   

CUPE National Secretary Treasurer Charles Fleury said: “CUPE was in Paris when this agreement was negotiated. We added our voice to international Labour’s calling for a deal that is good for workers and the planet. The world wants to stop climate change. CUPE will keep up the fight to make sure a green economy flourishes in Canada and around the world.”  

Trump wants to abandon our environment, but CUPE knows that a greener world is better for workers, their communities and their health. Fighting climate change is not just the right thing to do, it is good for our members and working people everywhere.