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The members of CUPE Local 2132 are proud to put children first and provide life-changing programs to families in Toronto. But they shouldn’t have to sacrifice their wages, health, or future to do so.

All early years professionals at CDI provide critical supports to families who need them – yet management is insisting on an unfair and inequitable pay divide between child care and clinical workers.

All early years professionals at CDI deserve a pension plan that provides for their future – yet management has refused to increase their contribution from 2 per cent, robbing workers of peace of mind and security.

The early years professionals at CDI are entitled to a collective agreement that protects their health – yet management has imposed a COVID-19 policy that forces workers to use their sick days until they’ve completed two negative tests any time they show one symptom. But colds are incredibly prevalent and frequent in child care settings, and this policy leaves workers without adequate sick days when they’re unwell, forcing them to stay at home in isolation without pay.

You can’t put children first if you put their workers last. Send a message to the Board of Directors at CDI. Tell them that you support early years professionals. Call on them to invest in these vital workers.

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