CUPE members have begun to set the course for our union for the next two years, after spending time debating Strategic Directions 2021-2023 on the convention floor. The results of that debate will be incorporated into a final Strategic Directions document that will return to the convention floor on Friday.

This year’s Strategic Directions commits our union to continuing our fight for human rights, and a worker-focused recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. It also commits to implementing recommendations from the Safer Spaces Working Group to address sexual harassment and gender-based violent in our union.

We fully expect governments and employers to use the pandemic as an excuse to attack our wages, benefits, pensions, and the services we provide. That’s why Strategic Directions sets the table for us to continue bargaining forward for 10 paid sick days for all our members, real wage increases, and more. We will continue organizing to bring new members into our union. We will also step up our advocacy to campaign for the supports our members need on the job.

Strategic Directions also extends CUPE’s commitment to being politically engaged at every level of government, and standing firm as an ally and partner at an international level to connect our struggles and share support with workers around the globe.