Chaplains and spiritual care practitioners from St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Providence Health Centre and St. Michael’s Hospitals have joined CUPE in a certification vote held Monday afternoon. The 32-person unit consists of hospital chaplains and spiritual care practitioners from different religious denominations across the three hospitals, which merged in 2017 and are now collectively known as Our Shared Purpose. Spiritual Care has been integral to these hospitals since their foundation. Chaplains and practitioners play a vital role in the care of patients, families and fellow hospital workers.

Organizer Deb Oldfield was happy to welcome the group into CUPE. “With all the changes going on at the hospitals due to the merger, these workers decided they wanted to have a strong, unified voice in their workplace, equal treatment from their employer and respect for the services they provide. By joining CUPE they are in a better position to face these uncertain times.”

Ontario hospitals are currently going through a series of mergers which will see the establishment of more hospital networks such as Our Shared Purpose that administer multiple hospitals. Other non-unionized hospital workers at St. Joseph’s, Providence and St. Michael’s will have an opportunity to join CUPE in the year ahead as the merger process continues. CUPE represents over 40,000 workers in 60 hospitals across Ontario, making it the largest hospital union in the province. CUPE is committed to ensuring that its members have a strong voice in their workplace and will see no reduction to their working conditions as a result of these mergers.