Asian Heritage Month has been celebrated across Canada since the 1990s and was officially recognized by the federal government in May 2002. CUPE recognizes and celebrates the contributions that members of Asian communities have made to Canada.

We acknowledge and honour the activism of people of Asian descent in their fight for human rights and social justice. Their ongoing struggles against multiple forms of oppression have been instrumental in strengthening our labour movement and our communities.

Historical struggles like the Komagata Maru incident led to challenges against the federal government’s racist “continuous journey regulation”. In current times, COVID-19 has amplified anti-Asian racism. The current pandemic has been made worse by xenophobia, increased feelings of isolation, exclusion and hate. These struggles are historical and are not tolerable.   

For Asian Heritage Month, we encourage members to take action against discrimination and oppression today, tomorrow and always.  


  • Ensure that labour legislation in Canada recognizes and protects all migrant workers through genuine labour standards such as living wages, safe and healthy working conditions and basic human rights.


  • Celebrate Asian Heritage Month within your local – share on social media, organize lunch-and-learns and screen videos.
  • Follow and join Migrant Rights Network in taking action to ensure justice for all migrant workers, including ones of Asian descent.